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9:26 pm - July 17, 2007
Someone needs a good shanking...
Rainy day today. We did some erg pieces inside today which was fun because it meant more talking. Woo! Kate and I are both on vacation at the same time, which leaves the varsity totally coxless and Rhiannon is moving up! We'll see if it's permanent (boys 4s instead of an 8) or just for the week. My guess is for the rest of the season. I'm going to miss Kenny so much when he goes off to college. It's great talking with him and wearing his clothes when he takes them off. Today it was the hat...tomorrow, who knows? We've had kind of a mock flirtation all summer which is very fun...I'm sad he's in the bow now.

Mitch and Adam called while I was babysitting. They are the weirdest and most awkward people to talk on the phone with. First of all, I literally can't tell them apart and they always switch places on me...and then Adam says weird things and then passes off to Mitch real quick. Ah, what would I do to entertain myself without them?

I made $75 at Henegan's today and mowed Breanna's lawn. Woo! My checking account has finally cleared a grand right before vacay, which is pretty cool. Also I crammed everything into two very average sized suitcases--an accomplishment I'm quite proud of. Yes, I'm ready for my round of golf claps.

"Parker, you're going to get shanked..."

"Blade in, twist, and pull out! That way you shred the inside too!"

"You little shanker you."


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